Important Information on Personal Data

When you visit and use this website normally, Fibox collects only technical information that may include the address of your computer and the details on a browser type used. This information is used solely for the purpose of monitoring and developing the use of this site.

When you register into Fibox Catalogue, Fibox collects and stores information such as your name, company, industry, postal address, e-mail address and details on your downloads from this service. If you refuse the automatic query "Fibox and Fibox affiliates can contact me or send me information", Fibox will respect your request and shall not use or transfer the information for further contact. Otherwise Fibox and its affiliates in EU/ETA, USA, Korea, Japan and China may use the information for the purpose of contacting you in connection with its products and services. In addition Fibox shall use the information on downloads to improve the business and customer services. Fibox holds the right to remove your information from Fibox Catalogue file as six months have elapsed from your last visit. Please find more information about the use of this information in the Description of file in Finnish here or contact Fibox.